Southland Gods

Rocks and Hard Places

The Band received a cryptic dream-message from an oracle trapped in a small mountain town called Luperton in North Carolina. In response, they managed to travel to the town to discover a town full of people caught under the spell of a goblin king that kept them trapped in the town. The townsfolk had attempted to enlist the help of a group of werewolves, but ended up instead being prey to two groups of predators instead of just one. The Band managed to play the two groups of monsters off against each other, using the goblins to distract and destroy the bulk of the werewolf pack while the Band itself took down the pack leaders. The triumphant Band then confronted the goblins and used their persuasive wiles (and not-so-veiled threats) to convince the goblins to let the town go. However, the Band did learn that the werewolves were part of a larger entity known as Krieger International, and they may have bitten off more than they are willing to chew…


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