Crazy Coyote

A fast talking shapeshifting con man with a heart of stolen gold and an attention problem


Name : Crazy Coyote (Nuda Wa-ya)
total Points: 177
total spent 173
unspent points: 4

Age: 22
Scion of Coyote

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 36 (14 enhanced)

(34 pts)

Attack 4
—melee 8
Defense 6
—total dodge 9
(20 pts, 54 total)

Fort 3
Reflexes 3
Will 3
Toughness 1

(6 pts, 60 total)

Attack focus (melee) 4
Dodge Focus 3
Animal empathy
Appearance (x2)
Beginners Luck
Distract (Bluff)
Fascinate (Storytelling)
Inspire (x2)
Luck 2
Skill Mastery (Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Sense Motive)
Well Informed (redefined as Instant Read)
Instant Change 2

(23 pts, 82 total)


Bluff 12 (13) = 25
Craft 4 (artistic) (1) = 5
Diplomacy 6 (13) = 19
Disguise 12 (13) = 25
Gather Information 7 (13) = 20
Handle Animal 4 (13) = +17
Intimidate 6 (13) = 19
Notice 4 (1) = 5
Perform 6 (Story Telling) (13) = 19
Profession (Con Man) 7 (1) = +8
Sense Motive 12 (1) = 13
Survival 4 (1) = 5

( 80 skill points, 20 points, 101 total)

Powers (80 total, 173 total)
Enhanced Charisma +14
—AP: Mind Control 7 (Sense Dependent (Sound), Conscious)
—AP: Enhanced Feat (Fearsome Presence 14)
—AP: Mind Control 3 (Sense dependant (Sound), Conscious, Area Effect: Burst, Selective)
Immunity: Interaction skills (5)
Shapeshift 8 (move action to use(-1))
Regeneration 1 (Resurrection, 5 days, prevented by burial with a molted eagles feather)
Comprehend 2 (Speak and understand all languages)


Crazy Coyote was born on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. His mother is a nurse and the only father he has ever known is a handy man. He knows that his dad isn’t his natural father, but that’s cool. He grew up on the res and in the surrounding areas, and was notable only in that he was good at telling stories and making the girls swoon. Too damned good, most of the time. He could talk just about anyone into just about anything. He developed a reputation for being a liar, bad boy, and neer’do’well, but no one seemed to mind much, other than the fathers of the local girls.

When he turned eighteen, he decided he wanted to see the world. He went on the pow wow circuit as a storyteller and found out that most of the people running the powwows prefer that the stories aren’t just made up, but he liked the lifestyle of wandering from place to place. He took up conning people out of their hard earned cash mostly just so that he wouldn’t have to get a job and settle down in any one spot. He then realized that some people needed that cash, or other forms of help, and that he had a conscience, and vaguely decided to help them if he could, if he had the time, or was basically bored with everything else.

The first time he changed his shape he was still a young child. His mom bought a dog, and he wanted to play with the dog, so he became a dog too. His mom freaked out, made him promise to not ever do it again, and told him who his real father was. Over the years she made him make that promise many more times, and she believed it every time.

He has never met his father (that he knows of) but he is well acquainted with his own abilities. He doesn’t have a clue about the titans or the war or the other gods other than the Native American spirits.

As for his personality, you would be insane to trust him with your wallet, your wife, or your car, but you could easily trust him with your life and well being, assuming you weren’t a complete sack of human excrement.
He wont kick a man while he is down, and if he thinks someone has been knocked down unfairly, he will try to help. If he wanted to he could easily be wealthy, but he just doesn’t care about money. To him, life is a story, and he is the one telling it.


Sense of Duty: help those in need
Curiosity and Impulsiveness: two great things that go great together
Hunted: Avia Menendi, Scion of Aphrodite: Apparently a One Night Stand and then a whirlwind romance with her sister, her maid, her personal assistant, and both of her best friends doesn’t agree with her.

Crazy Coyote

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