Holly Fisher

Scion of Morrigan


XP:6 Hero Points: 1 PL: 12 Total points: 195

Str 38 (14)
Dex 14
Con 38 (
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 14

(trades +2 damage/toughness for -2 attack/defense)

(64 pts)

Attack 10
Defense 8
Fort 14
Reflexes 4
Will 6
Initiative +10

(39 pts)

skills 40 pts (12 pts)
Acrobatics 4 (2) = +6
Climb 4 (
9) = 13
Diplomacy 4 (
2) = 6
Intimidate 8 (
2) = 10
Knowledge (Arcane)2 (
1)= 3
Knowledge (Popular Culture) 4 (
1) = 5
Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (
1) = 5
Notice 6 (
1)= 7
Stealth 4 (
2) = 6
Survival 4 (
1) = 5
Swim 4 (
9) = +13

Feats (15 pts)
Improved Initiative x2
All Out Attack (-def/ attack)
Attractive +2
Improved Overrun
Power Attack (-5attack/ +5 dmg)
Uncanny Dodge (no surprise attacks)
Takedown Attack (extra attack)
Move By Action
Attack Specialization (Gáe Bulga) (
2 to attack with it)

Powers (38 pts)
Super strength 3
—Groundstrike (Strength check, radius Str bonus x10))
Speed 4
-AP: Leaping 4
—Move at 100mph
—Flight at 25 mph
—Running Long Jump 550ft
—Standing Long Jump 275ft
—High Jump 137ft
-AP: Flight 2
Immovable 2
Regeneration 9
-Disabled 2 (1 hour)
-Bruised 3 (1 Round)
-Injured 1 (20 minutes)
-Staggered 3 (1 minute)
Impervious Toughness (Con) 7
Gáe Bulga
Device 4 (can be disarmed, PF: Restricted-Only Celtic Scions, PD: Continuous only affects Living (-1))
Strike 4 (Continuous duration (+3) Limited: Lethal damage only, Autofire) PF: Mighty, Throwable, extended reach 1, Affects Insubstantial) 19 pts (4 pts per level, 4 pts power feats)
—Concealable (1)


Holly Fisher was born in Mount Pleasant, SC. Her father is Ronald Fisher, the retired four-star general and military commentator for Fox News. Her father never talks about her real mother, mostly out of deference to his wife, Janice. Janice and Holly have never seen eye to eye, especially since Janice tends to view Holly as a reminder of her husband’s indiscretions. Holly has two half-sisters, both of which favor their step-mother’s socialite ways. While Holly is indeed beautiful, she is definitely her father’s daughter. She has always enjoyed military theory and tactics, and getting out in the sun and wind.

She also enjoys intense physical activity. She likes nothing more than to go somewhere dangerous and make it her own. She has been known to get into a fight or two, and she fights like a girl: no planning, no hesitation, and no mercy. She has been known to go up one side of a person and down the other before they even knew the fight had started.

She doesn’t know about her scion status, but she is aware that she is much stronger than her five foot nothing, ninety-eight pound frame should allow. She also knows that she is faster than the fastest Olympic runner. This worries her, because she doesn’t have any explanation for it.

Socialite mother’s enmity
Too damn beautiful. People’s reactions to her can be a bit extreme.
Slow burn: when she gets mad, she stays that way till she gets even. And she makes a point of getting even.

Ally: Leigh Stone

Holly Fisher

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