Leigh Stone

A Scion of Dagda now allied with the Band


Born in Ireland to a professor of linguistics at Dublin, Leigh grew into a musical prodigy. During her teens, she was awakened by her father Dagda to her Scion nature. He gave her one of the strings of his magical harp, Uaithne, which she strung into her own fiddle. She was the centerpiece of a magical ritual to steal the harp, but was rescued by the Band. Leigh was naturally grateful and has allied herself with the Band, putting her considerable abilities at their disposal.

Leigh is tall and willowy, with that strange unhealthy pallor that dogs many modern citizens of the UK. Her hair is a reddish-gold, and her eyes are a stormy gray. She keeps her hair long and pulled back into a convenient pony-tail most of the time. For formal occasions, she’ll wrap her long hair into a tight braid worn over her shoulder or down her back, depending on whether she’s planning on performing. Her facial features are fine but strong.

Leigh Stone

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