Lilly Montreaux

Scion of Hi'iaka, the Hawaiian goddess of kicking the crap out of monsters and such


Lillian “Lilly” Montreaux
Scion of Hi’iaka
PL: 8
HP: 1

Attributes: (36)
Str: 20 +5
Dex: 14 +2
Con: 16 +3
Int: 12 +1
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 12 +1

Combat: (18)
Att 5
Def 4

Saves: (8)
Tough 3 +6 = 8 (9)
Fort 3 +3 = 6
Refl 3 +2 = 5
Will 2 +1 = 3

Skills (12)
Bluff 2 +1 = 3
Craft 4 +1 = 5
Drive 8 +2 = 10
Intimidate 8 +1 = 9
Know (Occult) 2 +1 = 3
Know (Marine Science) 4 +1 = 5
Know (South Carolina Coast) 4 +1 = 5
Languages 2 (Gullah, Hawai’ian)
Perform (Dancing) 4 +1 = 5
Prof. (Charter Fishing) 6 +1 = 5
Stealth 4 +2 = 6
Survival 8 +1 = 9
Swim 8 +5 = 13

Feats (6)
Benefit (Wealth)
Improved Grab
Improved Grapple
Improved Initiative

Powers/Devices (45)
Weather Control 6 (Distraction – Precipitation (DC 10))
—PFs: Progressionx3 (area), AP – Air Control 6 (PF: Indirectx3), AP – Obscure 6 (sight) (PF: Progressionx3(area)).
Swimming 2 (50 ft/round)
Immunity 4 (drowning, normal cold, normal heat, high pressure)
Supersenses 2 (Darkvision)
Super-Strength 2 (PF: Ground Strike) (“The Strong Hand of Kilauea”)
Protection 6 (“The Strong Hand of Kilauea”)

Device 3 (Hi’iaka’s Grass-braid Sash – Easily Taken)
—Blast (Lightning) 6 (PFs: AP – Dazzle (sight, hearing), AP – Strike(Extra: Aura of Lightning), AP – Stun)*

Power Loss (Weather Control doesn’t work more than 1 mile from a significant natural body of water – at least a river or lake – and man-made lakes or channels don’t count) (Very Common, Minor) (3 points)

Secret (former and sometimes current ecoterrorist)
Prejudice (minority – Half Gullah, Half Hawai’ian)

*To use the Dazzle, Stun, or Blast, Lilly will often untie the sash and crack it like a whip. The Strike(aura) is normally used while she’s wearing the sash.


Roddy Montreaux grew up on the Sea Islands of the South Carolina Coast, and joined the Navy to see a bit more of the world. He liked it so much he ended up staying in for a full tour. During his first couple of years, he lucked out with a dream stationing in Hawai’i. He had a whirlwind affair with a beautiful native Hawai’ian girl called Ika until he was relocated. Nine months later, he was called in by his commanding officer and informed that they had received a communication from Hawai’i and that they were sending him there. When he arrived, he learned that he was a father. An old Hawai’ian woman handed him a beautiful little girl with skin the color of well-creamed coffee. According to him, the first words he said was, “Why, she’s pretty as a water lilly.” Thus her name. The old woman wouldn’t tell Roddy anything about Ika, just said that she had been called home and had left the girl for him. Roddy figured that meant she had died, since the old woman gave it the sound of finality. After consulting with his superiors and family back home, Roddy took Lilly back to be raised by his mother and aunts. Lilly grew into a beautiful woman, with a good head on her shoulders. She learned early on that she had an affinity with the sea, and the old ladies said that she and the sea shared moods, since Lilly’s mood almost always coincided with the weather around the island. Lilly decided to make her living off the sea that she loved and used her beauty and talents to turn a one-boat charter fishing operation into a tourist-shucking machine. Her little company, Sweetgrass Charters and Tours, is still small by modern corporate standards, but it allows her fun and freedom. She learned of her actual divine heritage during a trip to Hawai’i that her dad encouraged after he had retired from the Navy. During a hike on Kilauea, she found herself wandering, almost sleepwalking, into a cave. The heat that washed over her didn’t bother her at all, and inside she met a beautiful girl that was the spitting image of the pictures her father had shown her of her mother. Hi’iaka told her of her role, her heritage, and bestowed upon Lilly the “Strong Hand of Kilauea,” opening her up to her nascent divinity. Hi’iaka also gave Lilly several strands from her legendary lightning skirt, which Lilly wove with her own hands into a sash that she wears as a belt-sash or sometimes even bandolier in her more playful times. Lilly knows that she’s been bred and recruited to fight in a coming war. She’s not sure she likes the idea, but she’s more than ready.

Lilly Montreaux

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